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Many years ago when I was working in solar, I was stressed out and venting to my co-worker Brian Naumann. I never forgot what he asked me "Did a baby die? No, so it's going to be alright, because your problem can't be worse then that". He was right and I took that lesson to heart all these years.

When I set out to donate my time for charity I couldn't think of a better cause than one dealing with just that, babies passing away. I was fortunate enough to hear about this great organization through my friend Miss Leslie Stallings that takes donated wedding dresses and turns them into

burial gowns for babies that pass on.

The name of the charity is Little Angel Gowns and they are based out of Indiana.They donate these gowns to hospitals, funeral homes and any individual who needs it. Their team of seamstresses are all over the country and make the most beautiful dresses and suits for these babies. I am so thankful and humbed that their founder allowed me to design and donate a new website for their cause which I am sharing with you today.

If you are looking for a worthy cause to support this holiday season this is a great one. Please share and pass this on to anyone who might like to support them, It's truly a special act of kindness they provide for grieving families.

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