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Photos are a big part of your brand, here's why.

After a few months of working I knew it would be important to create a consistent personal brand for myself. In marketing we do this by selecting fonts, colors, a logo, positioning statement, etc.

Where we often times miss the boat is-you guessed it, photography! Most of the time when people first see me it's online. So my first impression is over the internet, and guess what, yours is too.So I took some time to connect the dots with my brand, had headshots done, and some at-work photos. By the way pictures of you working are for more interesting and tell a fuller story than you just sitting and smiling.

The results were great and I was able to incorporate the photos in so many areas. From LinkedIN seasonal banners to emails and my website. Now my marketing and photography are all cohesive. If you have some down time during the holidays, use it wisely and let's develop your brand together. To learn more visit my personal branding page.

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